Another update to the cnc router

Here are a couple of pictures of the router setting on the new table. There are corner supports on every corner top and bottom. The next phase is re-wiring the controllers.

Close up of the support blocks. There are six of then to support the router off of the frame and wood cover. The […]

Up Date to the CNC router

I finally finished the new base for the cnc router. There is no movement on this platform at all. Next will be the new controller circuits and cabinet.

Another view. The extension pieces are for the top cabinet and dust collector system.

This shows the plastic inclosure for the computer and controller.



Weekend update for 7-6-15

A number of projects were tackled this weekend, as always around here. First the comm trench was completed and 3 sets of cat 6 wiring was pulled.

Next weekend I will bring it into the shop.

A small a/c unit was set up in the wood shop. It is not big enough but it does […]

Update on the cnc router

In a past post you were shown a solid model picture of what the new base would look like.

You were also shown a picture of the parts being milled to correct size.

Here are a few pictures of the parts after they were cut and tapped.

These are the legs and cross […]

Week end update 6-29

It was an interesting weekend as are all weekends around here. I finished filling in the trench for the new communications lines to the shop. With the cat5 water proof wire coming in I should have this project finished next weekend.

The filled trench that I still need to compact. The water proof wiring.


Upgrading the cnc router

While messing around with the cnc router a number of problems were noted. Part of this last week and into next week we are correcting these problems and upgrading the router.

First on the list is a new table for the router. The original one has so much movement that we actually have chatter marks […]

More time on the cnc router

This last weekend I spent more time with the cnc router and there are a few things that need to be corrected. Here is a video of it in operation to start with.

The first problem is the vibration due to the poor design of the base that the router sets on. This is […]

Gun Lab update

No posts for the last couple of days. Sorry about that but with the temperature hovering around 112 and working outside from 5:30 am until 7 or 8pm I am just out of steam.

Here are the updates though. The bending and stamping die for the AR-180B bolt hold open device in just about complete […]

Weekend update for 6-15-15

A quick update for this last weekend. The slab was finished at the cast area. Here are a couple of views. I still need to get the gantry system up, but I am going to wait for my good friend Mac to help me with that one. He is a much better welder and fabricator […]

Life around Gun Lab

Here are more up dates on the going on around here at Gun Lab. All the material was finally received for the new MP-44 and has been machined to size to start the whole process.

We are waiting for the tooling to start the next phase.

The spot welder arms need a […]