The Walther model1and 2 self loading 22 rifles

The Walther self-loading rifles Model 1 and 2


These interesting rifles have been manufactured mainly in the 1930’s in Germany by Carl Walther.

Sadly we couldn’t find any more detailed information on production numbers and exact time frame.

But there seems to be some confusion on the model designations.

We’ve seen both variants designated […]

Axel post on the Lacrimae pistol

The trigger (besides the grip panels the only non-steel part) on my sample was not properly fitted to the frame and thus did not reset correctly. That doesn’t seem to be an isolated incident. Way down on the following website a user is describing the same issue.

There are some excellent german websites regarding […]

Testing No 7

In the last post the high speed video was of the first generation VG1-5 that was built a number of years ago by John. What we here at Gun Lab did was start and finished the first 5 VG1-5 rifles. The remaining weapons are currently being built but the first 5 are going through very […]

Shooting the Frankinfal

A while back I picked up a FN-FAL heavy barrel Israel contract rifle that would not work. If you inserted a single round in the chamber and let the bolt close on it the rifle would fire but not eject. If you tried to load the rifle from a magazine it would feel but the […]

Star pistol Axel Guest post

Staying as a guest of Gun Lab here in Phoenix for a while, I picked up a few Star BM at J&G sales in Prescott.

Knowing that Chuck would like to have a look at them to compare for variances with the ones in his sample collection I put 3 on the dinner […]

We are back

We have been having a few issues with the Gun Lab server and went missing for the last week. Thanks to Ian at Forgotten Weapons, the admin for my site, for all the work he did to get us back up and running.

Where does the time go.

Honestly I set down for a moment and I realize that weeks have pasted. There has been a ton of stuff accomplished at Gun Lab that I have not had the time to actually write about. Work in my actual job has been so busy that I have been turning away as much work as […]

Portuguese Mauser

At the last SAR show I was finally able to pick up a Mauser rifle that I have been looking for for over 30 years. When they were available I had no money and you know the rest of the story.

This rifle is a Model 1941 short rifle with a transitional stock. It uses […]

Something new and fun at Gun Lab

On Saturday I get a text from a friend wanting to know if the deck gun he just say was coming to my place.

Then a few moments later I get a knock at the door and there is John U. I have something to show you and can you fix this.

Here are a […]

A thanks to a friend of Gun Lab

A while back I did a post on the Webley pistol in 32. It is an interesting pistol but I had no ammo for it. The U.S. equivalent is .32 short Colt. Try and find that the local gun shop. Chuck O. a frien of gun lab dropped by with 3 boxes of it.