Gun Lab update

Not a big post for today, just an update on the projects we are working on.

First and most important is the VG1-5 project. I received a call this afternoon late that the firing pins can be picked up from the heat treating firm. With this last piece we can send the second rifle to […]

Part Three on the Bushmaster pistol

This is part 3 on the interview with John D. on the Bushmaster pistol.

The first pistol that John talks about is the one with the special laser or flashlight attachment.

Left side view

Still the old safety location

Left side view

The second pistol mention on the video deals with a […]

Part Two on the Bushmaster Pistol

This is part two on the Bushmaster Pistol with John D. It is not often you have the opportunity to chat with someone as knowledgeable as John is on a topic. Enjoy the video.


Here are a few of the pictures to go along with the video.

Right side view.

Left side […]

A quick Gun Lab update

I have to say that I am sorry about the lack of posts. In my defense I must say that my full time business and what actually supports me and Gun Lab has been hectic and very busy. It has been so busy that this is my first lunch break in two weeks. Starting my […]

Part One of the Bushmaster Pistol

In this video I had the opportunity to chat with John D about his collection of Bushmaster pistols. This is part one of the multi part review of this interesting weapon.

Here are a few still pictures of this interesting first model sheet metal stamped upper pistol.

Close up of parts of […]