Timberline Hawk survival rifle

Not much is known about the company Timer Line Hawk. So this is as much of a history as I could gather. The registered agent of the company was John A. Mc Gerty and the filing date was March 29,1983. It was a company formed initially by four men to take over the assets of […]

Ermawerke Carbine

During the last days of WW2 the Germans made a variety of weapons for the Volkssturm. The Ermawerke is one that has been in a number of books but no one has ever touched one. This is the general write up of that weapon.

John , a friend of gun lab, just […]

Sunday answer 2-15-15



This is a bolt to the Brondby rifle in 7.62×25.


It was another trials rifle that was made in limited numbers.

The rifle fired from an open bolt ,which unfortunately means that I can not made one here. It is a gas operated rifle that uses a […]

The Czech model 52 police carbine

I am not sure what to call this rifle. It started out as a Czech model 52 rifle in 7.62×45 with a 10 round magazine. Now it is a 7.62×39 carbine that uses ak-47 magazines and drums. It was a blast to shoot and handle. Here are some pictures of it.

The first few pictures […]

EM-2 30-06 rifle

During the time period that the EM-2 was design it was made in a variety of calibers. These calibers ranged from the original caliber of .280 to the NATO standard of 7.62×51 through 30/06. This post is dealing with the 30/06 rifle. Basically what they did was to cut and weld a 7.62×51 rifle to […]


A rifle that I have been interested in for quite some time is the EM-2. It is one of those rare rifles that you read about but generally don’t have a chance to see, examine or shoot. I have had the opportunity to do all three.

To start all of the rifles came with a […]

Steyr sheet metal rifle

I had the opportunity to visit with Mel Smith and look at some very interesting weapons from his collection. Today’s write up is about one of the most interesting ones. This is a Steyr bolt action sheet metal stamped prototype rifle. This rifle was made as a contender to replace the 98 mauser. It was […]