Part Three on the Bushmaster pistol

This is part 3 on the interview with John D. on the Bushmaster pistol.

The first pistol that John talks about is the one with the special laser or flashlight attachment.


DSC_1165cwsLeft side view

DSC_1172csStill the old safety location

DSC_1171csLeft side view


The second pistol mention on the video deals with a new generation of weapon. Right side view


DSC_1149cswClose up of the new safety location

DSC_1150sRear of the receiver with no safety

DSC_1151cwsClose up of the markings of the receiver

DSC_1152csLeft side view

DSC_1153csClose up of the left side.

DSC_1156sA view of the magazine well area

DSC_1265csThe rear sight


Stay tune for part 4 of this series.


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