Another weekend and always to much to do

The majority of this weekend was set aside to getting ready for the SAR show. New gun racks have been built and set up, the 22 room has had the moveable book cases moved to the library, a storage rack is being built for my gunsmithing area and prep work was accomplished for work on […]

The passing of Estes Adams

Again I have some sad news to post. Estes Adams has passed away on June 20th. He was only 69 and apparently he had a heart attack . I only had an opportunity to meet him once but I did chat with him regularly both by email and phone. He was a fountain of information […]

Testing No 7

In the last post the high speed video was of the first generation VG1-5 that was built a number of years ago by John. What we here at Gun Lab did was start and finished the first 5 VG1-5 rifles. The remaining weapons are currently being built but the first 5 are going through very […]

More Testing of the VG1-5

Sunday Axel and I got together with Ian and Carl from Forgotten Weapons to do some high speed photographing of the VG1-5. The information that was obtained holds a number of clues to re-occurring issues that have come up. For the next week or so I will be posting high speed and standard videos of […]

The loss of another great guy

For any of you that have been around awhile or have not been on the far side of the moon you would know of Don Bell at Omega. The sad news is that he passed away last night.

I have been to his place to many times to count and he was always a generous […]

Needed update to the Gun Lab shop

A while back a friend of gun lab brought over a new press. It will really help with some of the pressings that we have coming up, however it is a 7 1/2 HP 3 phase motor.


I have nothing in the fab shop that can handle that power requirement. My phase […]

A day testing guns

This Sunday we spent 6 hours testing a variety of weapons. A few more VG1-5 rifles were tested. The MG-34 had all the springs replaced and was tested as well as the mpi-69. This is a quick video of what was 6 hours of actual work and testing.

A thanks to a friend of Gun Lab

A while back I did a post on the Webley pistol in 32. It is an interesting pistol but I had no ammo for it. The U.S. equivalent is .32 short Colt. Try and find that the local gun shop. Chuck O. a frien of gun lab dropped by with 3 boxes of it.


The Wood shop, Part 4

With the wood shop checked and fixed it was time to look at the hardware and well room. It was just as bad if not worse.

The bearing support wall and beam was just destroyed by the termites.

All the sheet rock was removed from the walls and ceiling.

Temporary walls were built to […]

The cane gun

Steve J. , a friend of gun lab, brought over a few of his toys to show and allow me to photograph.

This is a French 32short S&W cane gun.

You can see the button that is the trigger

The actual fire control and handle part.

A good shot of the firing pin and stop.