Backhoe update or what have I been doing lately

When we last left our well used and over worked really old Ford backhoe we were getting diesel fuel in the oil sump. That was a while back and with no money or time to fix it it just seat there. A program was started to repair it and it is used with great regularity […]

Taking some time off for fun

There was a small machine gun shoot this last Saturday and with my friend Axel in town my wife convinced me to go and take a day off. We had a great time and Axel as well as myself got to do some shooting and have a little fun. This is the video I did […]

Sunday answer 11-9

The picture from the post on 11-8 is from the bolt of a Beretta model 1957 carbine in .30 M1.

Here is the write up on it from the book ” The World’s Assault Rifles”. This is another book you should have in your library.