More work in the Gun Room

I spent Sunday making the last of the gun racks for the gun room. After the last couple of weekends most of the new gun racks had bin built. I still needed to make a couple of racks for where the books used to be stored. While working on everything else the shorter rifle were […]

More work in the gun room

This weekend was again spent trying to make and install new gun racks for the gun room. Not as much work was accomplished as was hope for, a number for friends showed up with interesting and fun toys to play with and take pictures of. In addition it was my fathers 93 birthday and time […]

Weekend update

First things first. I am dog beat tired. I will post pictures later about everything. Changes were made to the wood shop, solid models were done and a new rifle rack was worked on.

So lets start at the beginning. Saturday was spent with the computer system that I could not get to work correctly […]

Weekend Update 11-24

Well as usual it has been a busy weekend around Gun Lab. More parts have been made for the VG1-5, coming soon in a post. The big project was the water system. The pressure pump took a crap. It just turn the pump room into a swamp and need to be fixed in a bad […]

Weekend update 11-17

As always there is to much to do and not enough time to complete all of it. First is the update to the addition to the wood shop. The door is hung and the roof is up. The roof and sides are epoxy and fabric covered, for the most part. One more day and I […]