Answers to the post of 11-29

The first question that would needed to be answered is what do all these parts have in common. That answer would be up coming projects at Gun Lab.

The Cetme, H&K, 05 , G-41 G-43 and 03 pictures is for the 05 project we are working on. The fire control group is changing to be […]

Interesting project by a friend of Gun Lab

A friend of Gun Lab just completed an interesting project and was nice enough to write up a nice article. This is being brought to you by Orin H.

Swedish M1867 Rolling Block 12.7x44R to .50-70 Government Conversion

I have a Swedish M1867 Rolling Block that was originally in 12.7x44R and you cannot find any […]

New Section, Cut Away weapons

For me, part of the process of learning about small arms includes photographs, manuals, manufacture boards,studying the actual weapons them self and studying cut away weapons. So I have decided to start a section on cut away weapons. I do own a few cut away and I take pictures of others when ever possible.

This […]