Backhoe update or what have I been doing lately

When we last left our well used and over worked really old Ford backhoe we were getting diesel fuel in the oil sump. That was a while back and with no money or time to fix it it just seat there. A program was started to repair it and it is used with great regularity around gun lab to do everything.

There were and still are a number of problems with it but they are getting fixed.

The first items we tackled were the leaking cylinders on the boom. All three of the cylinders were leaking so bad. Every one had to be removed and rebuilt.

DSC_4553sAfter the cylinders were rebuilt and brought back the real fun began.

DSC_4705sNew pistons were required, the cylinders re-built and theĀ  ends welded back on. New bushings were made here and installed.


DSC_4709sThen installed on the old girl.

DSC_7217sNext the fuel pump and ejectors were removed and re-built and then re-installed. At the same time this was going on we changed the oil, oil and air filters, all the fuel filters and fixed a few leaks.




The last item on this repair run was a new battery. It is now back to work for the old gal until their is money to re-build the control valves and replace the older hoses.DSC_7219s



But that is for another weekend.

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