Weekend update part 2 the metal casting area.

Nothing says fun around Gun Lab like a 3 day weekend. And fun we did have. This post is about the new slab for the metal casting area here at Gun Lab. Last weekend we started digging the footers for the new casting area.

I needed a place for my casting furnaces to go.

So […]

Tuesday shop pictures

What a shop to work in. And to think that the people that work in my shop complain about the working conditions.

I just don’t want to hear about the benches not being the right height or that we need a new cnc machine.


Shop Tuesday 10-8 fluting machine

We are working on all the components for the barrel fluting machine. This is the Master Cam video for the making of the lower base. This part allows the chuck plate to move in and out. This allows us to load and unload the barrels from the chuck.

This part has now been machined.


More Japanese 99 magazine update. 9-30

We have finished the second op die for the Japanese 99 magazine right side. The die is complete and the springs and pins added. This is a photo run down of the final die. This is the complete die assembly

Another angle

The bottom portion of the die

Top and bottom side by side

Assembled […]

Japanese 99 magazine update Shop Tuesday 9-23

We have completed some more work on the new stamping dies. We changed the design from a single stamp stamping set up to a multi step process. The first step is to stamp the ribs in the sheet metal then the following die set captures the sheet metal using the ribs as a reference and […]

Shop Tuesday 9-16 solid model the MP-44 trunnion

A friend of mine dropped me an e-mail wanting to know if I had drawings for the trunnion of a MP-44 and being a fanatic on engineered drawings I said yes. These are the same drawings that are all over the internet and they are wrong. So I decided to set down and make a […]

Shop Tuesday, Late 9-3-14

Sorry for the late update. It has been a little busy and now with school starting again I found myself out of time. The major update for shop Tuesday is the design work that has been accomplished on the barrel fluting machine. I spent most of last Saturday morning and almost all of Monday working […]

Shop Tuesday

We posted about the female die for the FG-42 first model bi-pod stamping die a while back. Today’s post is about the male stamping die. This first set of pictures is the solid model for the male die.



Once again a few pictures to give you an idea of what the […]