Gun Lab update

Not a big post for today, just an update on the projects we are working on.

First and most important is the VG1-5 project. I received a call this afternoon late that the firing pins can be picked up from the heat treating firm. With this last piece we can send the second rifle to […]

More Japanese 99 magazine update. 9-30

We have finished the second op die for the Japanese 99 magazine right side. The die is complete and the springs and pins added. This is a photo run down of the final die. This is the complete die assembly

Another angle

The bottom portion of the die

Top and bottom side by side

Assembled […]

Randon Info Wednesday 9-24

Today’s post is going to be a little short as I am just beat. We finished the rest of the Japanese type 99 stamping die that we have been working on. The next thing is to finish the first die and get it set up. That will not effect this die in the least. This […]

Japanese 99 magazine update Shop Tuesday 9-23

We have completed some more work on the new stamping dies. We changed the design from a single stamp stamping set up to a multi step process. The first step is to stamp the ribs in the sheet metal then the following die set captures the sheet metal using the ribs as a reference and […]

Thursday’s post Update on Japanese 99 magazines

This was going to be a library post but I felt that this was a little more up to date for the on going projects. We have finished the next phase of design of the Japanese 99 dies. If you might have forgotten we had a few problems with are original die design with it […]

This week update.

Once again time has gotten away from me. We are in the shop 7 days a week working on the projects and stuff actually gets accomplished. The updates this week will show the good and the bad that we have had in the last couple of weeks.

First will be the really bad and that […]

Video of machining Japanese type 99 magazine male die

You can see the new video here. In this video you will see the cnc machining process to making the male stamping die.

If the flats come in this week I hope to be pressing them this weekend.

The Type 99 female die.

Now that the male die is complete, with only de-burring left to do, it is time to start on the female dies.

As with the male die it starts out as a large block of steel.

With this die we made it in three parts. This allowed us to machine areas that would be very […]

Making the Type 99 magazine part two

Well more work has been completed on the solid model of the type 99 magazine. We have now finished both side with feed lips and bottom plate rib. Soon the follower and lower spring plate will be completed. When all the parts are completed it will be off to the 3-D printer.

Here are a […]