Rare Carcano rifle

In my youth I had the opportunity to look at and take a couple of pictures of a very rare Carcano rifle. Judging on the way I look, with hair and all and not that many wrinkles, these pictures were taken 35 years ago or so. It is not often that you get to see […]

Archive Photo of the Lowell Gun

Here are two pictures of a Lowell gun. It came out during the time of the Gatling, Nordenfelt and Gardener gun but at the very end of that time period. Only a few were ever made and I was lucky to photograph this one before the museum closed.

Some where in the archives I […]

Archive Photo 4-9-15

I took these pictures in South Carolina about 10 years ago. This is a ships landing gun and is an interesting piece.

If anyone has information on this weapon I would appreciate hearing about it.


Archive Photo 3-31-15

Years ago when I was a young lad I had the hots for a tank,I later owned a Ferret scout car, but I wanted a tracked vehicle. That is when I knew little to nothing about them and the work involved in maintaining them. I must also mention that I am 6’4″ and could not […]

Archive Photo.

This is another in a series of pictures that I took over 20 years ago. I had and still have a thing about artillery I have always wanted a piece of artillery of my own but never seem to have the funds available when they came up for sale. So for now I will just […]

Archive Photo’s 3-12

I shot these pictures while at Woolwick at the Rotunda. It was an absolutely great museum. It has since been closed down and replaced with a typical diorama walk through everything behind glass museum. In its day it was a place where you could study some small arms, but mostly artillery up close. I spent […]

New area at Gun Lab

Part of what was accomplished this last weekend was going through old photo’s that I have taken over the last 40 years and started converting them to digital format. These are pictures of cannons, tanks, aircraft and of course small arms. Some are just a basic picture and some are very detailed photo’s of individual […]