Lebel 1886 cut away

Once again an interesting cut away rifle has shown up. In this case it is a M1886 Lebel rifle. It is the only one that I have seen.

On to the pictures.

The feed tube.Left side.

a nice close up of the left side of the receiver and the […]

Cut Away Mauser

Rod Henrickson, a friend of gun lab, was nice enough to send me a few pictures of a cut away Mauser rifle that he made. As everyone knows I have a thing for cut away weapons and i really appreciate the work that Rod put into making his.

He really did a very nice job […]

SIG PE57 cut away.

Dale, a friend of Gun Lab, did a great write up on the SIG PE-57 cut away rifle. With his permission here are a few of the great pictures that he took.

Side view of the cut away.

A great picture of the parts break down.

A really nice shot of the pistol grip and […]

Cut Away Model 38 Carcano carbine

This rifle was on the last Rock Island auction. Unfortunately I was not the winner of the bid. However, it is a beautiful example of an interesting piece.



It would make a great addition to an Italian or cut away collection.

For more information on Carcano rifles check out these books.


Cut away weapons

By now most of you that come to this site know that I have a thing about cut away weapons. They are a great tool in understand how weapons work and in my case allow me to see the functioning of the guns that we make. I own a number of cut away weapons and […]

Webley Mk 1

I have decided to do a short series of posts on the Webley and Enfield revolvers in my collection. The first of the series is the Mk1 455 revolver.

The one in my collection is a cut away pistol.

This is one of any order of 10,000 pistols bought in 1887. This pistol was later […]

Cut away Bren gun

Just a quick post and a late one at that. I am a big fan of cut away guns as a learning tool. This is one of a bren gun I looked at while on one of my trips overseas.

A close up of the receiver area

A close up of the piston


Hakim Cut away rifle

With the gun room cleaned up I am now able to get access to some of the reference collection. This post is about the Egyptian Hakim cut away rifle.


This next series of pictures deals with the receiver and magazine

The cut away area of the gas port area

A […]

Cut away Enfield pistol

It has been a while since I have posted any cut away pictures. This one is on the Enfield N02Mk1.

Left side view.

A slightly better picture.

Close up of the revolver.

Right side view

I really like cut away weapons. It is a great way to study them.

If anyone has any cut away […]

MG-42/ MG-3 cut away

It has been a while since I put up an interesting cut away weapon. Today we are going to bring you a cut away of the MG-42/MG-3 general purpose machine gun.

First a parts diagram of the MG42/MG3.

This is a factory cut away