Master Cam video of machining the VG1-5

In this video we are showing the steps to do the first op on machining the upper receiver on the VG1-5 on the machining center.

We are getting closer every day to completing the VG1-5.

More on the VG1-5

You have now seen the first series of spot welds necessary to put the strengthening plats in and putting then together. With this accomplished it is time to do the first machining op on the receiver. This operation cuts out the trigger opening and also the holes necessary to weld in the front barrel support. […]

MP-44 Trunnions up date

We have now finished the first six test pieces up to the 5th operation. This next week we will complete op’s 6 and 7 and send them for verification for proper fit.

With the first 5 operations completed we will be starting on op6 soon. This is a master cam simulation of the process.


Reverse Engineering and machining the MP-44 trunnion

Here at Gun Lab we do a fair amount of reverse engineering, most of what we like to make have no drawings. However when there are drawings or solid models available we will use them. With this said I have found that most of what is available on the internet or in books is just […]

Finishing machining the safety for the AR-180B

We have finally finished machining the last part for the AR-180B safety. This is the master cam video showing the steps that were performed to complete this task.

With this last installment we have now completed machining the safety for the AR-180B. This picture shows all the steps that we took to make the […]

Making the AR-180B bolt hold open button

This post is about making the pivot button for the bolt hold open device for the AR-180B.

With no engineered drawings to work from the first item of business to take care of was making a drawing of the part with all the dimensions. To do this we used micrometers, feeler gauges and an […]

Working on the safety shaft for the AR-180B

Sorry for the late post today. When I finally got home last night I went to the shop to work on the shaft for the AR-180B safety and did not finish until late. This is a quick master cam video on the process to do the first op on the shaft.

Here is the […]

Making parts for the AR-180B

We were down to see our friend Rick at a while back and over the last few weeks during conversation he was interested in if we could make a few AR-180B parts. Why not that’s what we do. So while we are waiting for ATFE approval on the VG1-5 and the machines are kind […]

Making the 1930 Sauer firing pins

I went to do a little shooting on a few weapons in my collection that I have never fired only to find out that the firing pins were broken. In this case the pistol that I had taken out was a Sauer model 1930 32acp pistol. For some odd reason I happen to have three […]

Shop Tuesday 10-8 fluting machine

We are working on all the components for the barrel fluting machine. This is the Master Cam video for the making of the lower base. This part allows the chuck plate to move in and out. This allows us to load and unload the barrels from the chuck.

This part has now been machined.