Building the semi auto MP-44 part 4

This post deals with just one of the small stampings that goes into making a MP-44. he part being make for this post is the sheet metal reinforcement for the back of the magazine well. This simple part closes the rear of the magazine well, strengthens the rear of the magazine well, addes extra support […]

Looking at the Stevens Little Krag rifle

The little Krag rifle made by Stevens gun company is a 22 caliber boys rifle. The Krag name was chosen because the Spanish American war was still in the recent memory of most Americans. It is a simply design single shot rifle that came out in March of 1904. The rifle came with a standard […]

Interesting single shot pistol

Once again Axel , a friend of gun lab, has found another interesting and unusual weapon. This time it is a single shot 6mm pistol. I just wish it was available here in the states. It is the Pistolet Le Moustic.

An interesting design

Single shot lifting breach pistol

Over all size


My favorite Maxim machine guns

There has been a number of articles and write ups on the Maxim gun lately so I thought I would add my 2 cents in. I have owned a number of Maxim guns over the years. An 08, 08/15 and a Chinese type 24 and well as a number of kits. However, my favorite Maxim […]

Building a small Volkspistolen

Our friend Axel was here a while back and in one of our many conversations I mention that what was needed was a small 32 acp pistol that could be built with a minimum of tools, something like a WW2 German volkspistolen. Also being a fan of Impro guns,, I knew that it was […]

FN-FAL in 7.92×33

In my list of want to do build projects building an original FAL is on the top. The very first FAL ever built was in 7.92×33 and was slightly different then the current FAL that we know today.


This rifle is missing and all that is left of it are the pictures you see […]

AR-180B trunnion design

An interesting question was brought up by Rick at a while back about making new AR-180B upper receivers. The actual receiver is not much of a problem however the trunnion is. The expense of making a new trunnion would be cost prohibitive so a different solution had to be found. In this case the […]

Reverse Engineering and machining the MP-44 trunnion

Here at Gun Lab we do a fair amount of reverse engineering, most of what we like to make have no drawings. However when there are drawings or solid models available we will use them. With this said I have found that most of what is available on the internet or in books is just […]

Solid model on the AR-16 rifle

In my off time, work has been completed on the AR-16 upper receiver right side. In case you don’t remember this rifle it is a 308 predecessor of the AR-180. Only 4 were made and of those only 2 are known to exist. I had the opportunity to photograph one a while back at the […]

Archive Photo’s 3-12

I shot these pictures while at Woolwick at the Rotunda. It was an absolutely great museum. It has since been closed down and replaced with a typical diorama walk through everything behind glass museum. In its day it was a place where you could study some small arms, but mostly artillery up close. I spent […]