My favorite Maxim machine guns

There has been a number of articles and write ups on the Maxim gun lately so I thought I would add my 2 cents in. I have owned a number of Maxim guns over the years. An 08, 08/15 and a Chinese type 24 and well as a number of kits. However, my favorite Maxim guns are the little sales sample that Mr. Maxim use to take with him, the Finish m/09-21 and of course the Argentina brass Maxim. This write up is about the one I like the most and will never own. The Sales sample Maxim in 7.63×25.

This first four pictures came from an interesting site that if you have an opportunity should check out.




3The rest are pictures that I have taken a few years back. A couple of views of the barrel jacket. The jacket pattern would be the easiest of the patterns to make.


IMG_0076cThe side of the receiver

IMG_0043cTo give you the over all size for length

IMG_0045cand height

IMG_0046cA view of the feed block setting in the receiver

IMG_0001sHere are some views of the feed block.



IMG_0005cWhat a casting and machining project. The pattern alone had to be very interesting.

IMG_0006cA few pictures of the lock.



IMG_0039cSome more pictures of the inside of the receiver.


IMG_0108 (2)c

IMG_0110 (2)csThe look of this little gun is just beautiful.

IMG_0122 (2)cs

IMG_0129 (2)cThe recoil spring

IMG_0145 (2)cNow for the pistol grip.


IMG_0159 (2)cIf I had the time this would be a gun I would love to make, even if it were only in semi auto. The patterns alone would be works of art as well as the castings.




2 comments to My favorite Maxim machine guns

  • Pete F.

    THINGS that make you go WOW!

  • Rick Saunders

    I have heard folks refer to photographs like these as old guy gun porn. However, while the term porn is descriptive it lends a negative connotation and in this case should be replaced with ‘fine art’. They just do not make them like this anymore.
    Bravo, and thank you.

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