1945 Lithgow 22 trainer

John a friend of Gun Lab recently sent me some pictures of an addition to his collection as he knows that I have a thing for 22 trainers. This is a Lithgow SMLE 111* rifle that is in 22 lr. According to the available references on this rifle they were put together by Jovino in the 1980’s. Still it is a very nice rifle and something I would love to own or build. 14A couple of views of the markings on the rifle


2A left side view of the receiver.

6The original sight was kept on the rifle

7A close up of the front sight and rifle muzzle and cap.

8Now on to the bolt.

10A close up of the bolt head.

11You can see the off set firing pin hole for a 22lr rim fire round.

13Just a quick look at what the print for a new bolt head would look like. It would be an interesting build.

library3 072c

The rifle was a single shot only and the magazine body was use to catch the ejected cartridges.

12Still with the standard brass butt plate.

5For more information of 22 caliber Enfield rifles you should check out the following references.

scan cs

scan0002 cs



5 comments to 1945 Lithgow 22 trainer

  • Chris Brosnahan

    The only parts modified on the .22 bolt were the head (all were removable and swappable to adjust for headspascing) and the firing pin…the firing pin was cut off at the collar and used to strike the integral firing pin in the bolt head…this way, the bolt could be returned to use in a full caliber SMLE simply by replacing both the firing pin and .22 LR bolt head

  • Dick Smith

    Making a .22 training rifle is an interesting project. A sported rifle with an indifferent bore is a good start. Make a chamber insert, then run the liner drill all the way through. The chamber insert has to project far enough out of the breech of the barrel to reach the boltface. This fills the gap where the .303 rim would fit. When the firing pin is cut off to turn it into a striker, the cut off piece can be soldered into the centerfire firing pin hole in the bolthead. Drill off center for the rimfire pin.

  • Dan E

    cute rifle. funny that they didn’t design a magazine, a single shot trainer chops out half the training it can do lol.

  • Dick Smith

    The British No.7 .22 was a repeater; the Canadian No.7 was not. Both are No.4 based.

  • Rufus Chucklebutty

    I made a .45 acp Delisle carbine from one way back in the 90’s. It had been smooth bored .22, not the most effective of cartridges the .22 shotshell ! You wouldn’t notice if you had been shot with one.

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