Interesting single shot pistol

Once again Axel , a friend of gun lab, has found another interesting and unusual weapon. This time it is a single shot 6mm pistol. I just wish it was available here in the states. It is the Pistolet Le Moustic.

An interesting design

Single shot lifting breach pistol

Over all size


Home made single shot pistol

I am kind of a sucker for single shot pistols and have posted a few on this site. I am also have an interest in home made guns, other gunsmith sites and video’s on making guns. So this post will cover all these topics at one time.

He has come up with an interesting design […]

Another 22 single shot pistol

This post is about another interesting pistol that I had an opportunity to look at while on my trip through the mid-west. This pistol is the S&M single shot pistol, called the SM Sporter 22 lr. It is a single shot pistol with an automatic opening bolt, much like a semi-auto pistol, but it stays […]

Interesting Mexican pistol

While on this trip I had the opportunity to look at a number of interesting pistols. As I have a think for single shot inexpensive pistols when I had the chance to look and photograph a Mendoza pistol ( the same company that brought you the light machine gun and sub-machine gun) I jumped at […]