One more update about the never ending wood shop

I know everyone is tried of me talking about the wood shop and its extension. The good news is that it is coming to an end. This weekend most of the work has been completed and the tooling was moved in.

Last weekend the tool boxes were moved in the extension and the last of […]

Another wood shop update

I know everyone is tried of reading about the wood shop. It has, however, taken over all my free time. It is a project that needs to be completed to allow me to continue with the other and much more interesting projects.

The wood shop extension Was taped and textured last Saturday.With a few moments […]

More updates with the termite battle

A couple of weekends have passed and more work has been accomplished in getting the wood shop back together.

To start with I ended up with termites now in the machine shop and wood storage room.

This tube was in the clean room.

And the second door to the machine shop.

These are in […]

Being a “hoarder” part 2

In the post I talked about the trip to the storage shed. This pile of stuff came about because I just asked. I was doing a job for a home owner and in the back yard was this pile.

The home owner said she wanted it gone. So at my house sets to kilns […]

Weekend update on the wood shop, 9-16-18

With another nice Arizona weekend where the temperature in the shade was 110 degrees I was back in the wood shop trying to get things finish so I can work on some rifle projects. I did most of the sheet rock in the wood shop extension.

Still some screws to install, but that […]

The Wood shop, Part 4

With the wood shop checked and fixed it was time to look at the hardware and well room. It was just as bad if not worse.

The bearing support wall and beam was just destroyed by the termites.

All the sheet rock was removed from the walls and ceiling.

Temporary walls were built to […]

Never argue with a saws all

Not everything always goes as planed. While taking the cabinets down at the school I needed to use a saws all to cut the particle board from the top and bottom of the cabinets. The way the cabinets were installed was to hang then on a rail then screw them to the wall and each […]

Demo at the school, Part 3 on the wood shop

With my normal job I do a great deal of work with construction companies and home owners who are doing remodels. In this post I was doing some work for a construction company that was getting ready to demo an elementary school. My first question is always is there anything I can use and how […]

The wood shop and Library, Part 2

The wood shop flooring had serious termite issues and it had to be dealt with.

I tried just cutting around the inside of the shop and treat it that way. No luck on that, the termite issue was to extensive.

At this point in the game it was determined to remove the flooring, starting with […]

More on the new Library/ wood shop part 1

The story behind the Library and wood shop changes started with the termite issues and has grown into some serious changes. My initial idea was to do a series of videos showing the scope of the work but that would take weeks to edit and it would take away from all the other projects going […]