Another wood shop update

I know everyone is tried of reading about the wood shop. It has, however, taken over all my free time. It is a project that needs to be completed to allow me to continue with the other and much more interesting projects.

The wood shop extension Was taped and textured last Saturday.With a few moments I started cleaning the cabinets that needed to go in that room.



Then on Sunday the room was primed and painted. While waiting for everything to dry the upstairs deck sheet rock was started.


By Sunday after noon the cabinets in the extension were hung up. In addition the majority of the electric was finished.

IMG_6476sBy Sunday night the tool boxes and cnc router had been moved over a set in there position.



This weekend the rain started on Saturday and just did not stop.




The electric was worked on again. All the lights were converted from florescent to led and put up.

IMG_6499sThe upstairs was sheet rocked some more and taped.

IMG_6500sThe rest of the electric in the upstairs was run and insulation put in place.


IMG_6502s Then we started moving the equipment in the wood shop to its final destination.

IMG_6494sA number of the adjustable level feet were broken or bent and now need to be replaced. Something to do next week end. The store room was also cleaned and reorganized.

IMG_6457sGetting there just not fast enough for me.

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