Lebel 1886 cut away

Once again an interesting cut away rifle has shown up. In this case it is a M1886 Lebel rifle. It is the only one that I have seen.

On to the pictures.

The feed tube.Left side.

a nice close up of the left side of the receiver and the […]

Zulu Shotgun

A while back I picked up an interesting single shot shotgun with a bronze receiver. A little research showed it as a ZULU shot gun.

The history of this weapon goes back to the end of the muzzle loading era. With the civil war ushering in the era of the breech loading metallic cartridge firearm. […]

Life at Gun Lab, studying the MP-44 receiver

Here at gun Lab what we do is study weapons and at any time you could come across anything. A set of EM-2 locking flaps,

a Destroyer carbine,

a Vickers cut away lock,

Hand drawn prints for a weapon

or a French MAS 36 22 trainer cartridge adapter.

Anything and […]

Interesting old prototype rifles

On my last trip over seas I was able to take a few pictures, that was behind glass, that turn out okay. Generally poor lighting and glass reflection caused a large number of bad pictures. These are the French Military Museum. If you are ever in Paris you should stop by there. It is an […]