The Wood shop, Part 4

With the wood shop checked and fixed it was time to look at the hardware and well room. It was just as bad if not worse.

The bearing support wall and beam was just destroyed by the termites.


IMG_5577sAll the sheet rock was removed from the walls and ceiling.

IMG_5690sTemporary walls were built to support the second floor guest house.

IMG_2750sAnd the center wall was removed.

IMG_6005sIt is at this point that I have to give out a special thank you to a friend of Gun Lab, John U. It was with his help and knowledge that we were able to come up with the material and design for the new support for the second story guest house.

I had gotten a call late in the day with John saying he was stranded on I-10 and could I get a truck to help him move a trailer of stuff coming to my house. I borrowed a friends F-250 truck, which is a very nice truck, and headed out on a rescue journey.

In the truck and trailer was a steel I beam and all the jacks and rigging equipment to get the beam up and supported.IMG_2784cs


IMG_2789sNow we were back in the game. First hole had to be dug and the beam moved in and prepped.


IMG_6006sThe beam was painted and then the wood 2×8’s attached.



IMG_6055sHoles were drilled and supports welded into place. Again thanks to John for his help and expertise.


IMG_6070csThe columns were made up and ready for installation.

IMG_6080sThe beam was now rigged into place.


IMG_6063sWith the beam up it was now time to use the screw jacks to place the beam into place and set the columns in.




IMG_6073sSix columns were used to put pressure on the I beam. The columns were attached and then concreted into the floor.


DSC_1147sNow on the part 5.


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