Being a “hoarder” part 2

In the post I talked about the trip to the storage shed. This pile of stuff came about because I just asked. I was doing a job for a home owner and in the back yard was this pile.


The home owner said she wanted it gone. So at my house sets to kilns and two motorized potter wheels.

A large potters wheel

IMG_6258ssmall potters wheel

IMG_6257sA small kiln

IMG_6254sA large kiln

IMG_6255sI also did another job at a house that was being sold. The owner called to ask a few questions and I asked about the bench.


It is now in the wood shop for the cost of just picking it up.

IMG_6236sI enclosed the back to keep unwanted guests out of the drawers.

IMG_6291sI did clean and lubricate all the drawer  bearings as well.

1 comment to Being a “hoarder” part 2

  • I feel your “pain”! A friend of mine comes by my shop from time to time with “stuff” in his pickup.
    He never leaves with all of it. Looks like you do better finding places for things than I do though.
    Better “stuff” too.

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