More updates with the termite battle

A couple of weekends have passed and more work has been accomplished in getting the wood shop back together.

To start with I ended up with termites now in the machine shop and wood storage room.

This tube was in the clean room.


And the second door to the machine shop.

IMG_6357sThese are in the wood storage room.



What this means is that more holes had to be drilled.

IMG_6362sTo do this of course everything had to be moved once more.

First the tool boxes and semi portable equipment.IMG_6363s

Then all the bigger wood working equipment.


But my all time favorite was the surface plate.

IMG_6391sThen after termite treatment everything had to go back.

The wood shop extension has now been sheet rocked and taped and mud on all the joints.



The pocket door for the well and pressure pump room has been installed.

IMG_6389sThen the storm came in today and brought the 8th largest rain fall in a single day.



IMG_6393sBy the time the rain stopped after I went to bed it was the 7th largest rain fall for Phoenix, we had 3″ on our rain gauge.

3 comments to More updates with the termite battle

  • Axel

    Yeah – pics of beautiful AZ countryside – always enjoy it :)

  • mark

    Have you considered the container?
    It takes time and effort to see your battle with termites.
    There are almost no good results.
    Have you considered buying a used container into a laboratory?
    You need to deal with the foundation well, maybe you live on a termite nest。
    good luck!

    • Chuck

      It has been a battle with the termites, I am hoping that we are finally turning the tide. I have containers for part storage but the shop is already built.

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