The wood shop and Library, Part 2

The wood shop flooring had serious termite issues and it had to be dealt with.

DSC_9399sI tried just cutting around the inside of the shop and treat it that way. No luck on that, the termite issue was to extensive.

DSC_9398sAt this point in the game it was determined to remove the flooring, starting with the maple tongue and grove flooring.

IMG_2628sAnd there was a pile of it.

DSC_9654sThen the sub flooring came up next.

DSC_9655sTo do this task was a large task as all the sub flooring had been installed with special hardened nails.

IMG_5413sTo accomplish this all the equipment had to be moved a number of times.

IMG_6077sWith the flooring removed it was time to check the walls. More termites. All the sheet rock was removed from the wood shop and about 1/2 of the studs replaced.


IMG_5492sIt was at this point I decided to correct some of the electrical problems and original wood shop issues.

IMG_5686sAfter the sheet rock was put up the walls were painted.


IMG_5580sThis took several weekends as the equipment had to be moved every time we started a new section of the wood shop.

Part 3 next

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