Working on the CNC router

In the last update on the router I showed a picture of the milled angle plate that was made here.

This weekend I started wiring up this block. I first tried using solder connectors. With out the proper soldering iron that turn into a disaster. After ruining a number of 9 pin connectors […]

CNC router update

Some work was accomplished on the CNC router over this long weekend. The angle bracket was machined for all the connectors to attach to. I was going to wire the plugs up but found out that the wire we have is not the correct type, it is on order no for next weekend.

Here are […]

Update on the CNC Router

More work and re-design work has been done on the cnc router. The side panels were original design to be plastic with the three fans installed. Through all the design phases that we have gone through we found that plastic will not work as the proper material. Here is a picture with the plastic side […]

Working on the CNC router

A great deal of work went on this weekend and part of it was some work on the cnc router’

No, it is not up and running yet, however some of the components that were ordered finally arrived and we were able to start working on it again. The bad news is that some of […]

New router table

A while back a customer had a brand new router table set up that he did not like so he gave it to me. Keep in mind that this set up also came with a brand new porter cable router as well. Nice set up but it just did not meet my needs and as […]

CNC Router update

I just recently got the last of the control circuit components in for the cnc router. We replaced the older interface with the computer with a new smooth stepper. Sunday I finished wiring it up. This is the basic wiring diagram for that operation.

This is how it looks now.

A close up […]

Weekend update for 1-24-16

This is the run down of the fun and excitement that went on this last weekend.

We are testing out a new ejector design for the VG1-5. The original design that we used started to experience problems after several hundred rounds. The newer one will be a little more robust and a slightly better design. […]

Another update for the cnc router

Well all the missing components arrived for the new cnc router controller. And it is time to start assembling the new system.

This is an over view of all the components as assembled on the 20×20 steel plate.

A close up of the servo motor controllers

A look at both power supplies and the terminal […]

Working on the cnc router

You have seen the previous write posts about the cnc router. The table was not steady and had way to much movement. That was the first problem corrected. Now we are on the way to correct the wiring and control circuits. The wiring as we received in the machine looked like two rats mating and […]

Gun Lab update

This is an answer to a friends question about a particular project.

It is good to always keep checking with me. Things can get a little hectic around here. This is the status of the projects here.

1) the MP-44 trunnions test pieces have been completed and sent to the buyer. A […]