CNC Router update

With the temperatures souring this last weekend most of the projects that were accomplished were done in the house with it’s A/C going.

In this case I continued the fun that I started the weekend previously. All the connectors have been installed and soldered on the angle connector bracket.DSC_9377csBy the end of last weekend I had finished just a few of the plugs.

DSC_9555csBy Saturday night the entire block was connected up.

DSC_9641sOnly one wiring harness had been completed by a week ago. I then completed the next two wiring harnesses.

DSC_9642sThese have the pig tails made up so I can wire them into the new control panel that we built and I wrote about.

DSC_8904sThe next major components to be finished on the router are the new side panels.  Maybe next weekend.

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