Working on the CNC router

In the last update on the router I showed a picture of the milled angle plate that was made here.



DSC_9377csThis weekend I started wiring up this block. I first tried using solder connectors. With out the proper soldering iron that turn into a disaster. After ruining a number of 9 pin connectors due to excessive heat I gave up.

The next approach I tried was using crimp connectors. For this I bought a crimp tool, special wire and insulation, and male and female connectors and pins.


DSC_9549sFor some reason the crimps would just not come out correctly.

DSC_9550csAlso the female connectors had no stop in them. This meant that if you were not careful the wire would go into the connector  thus not allowing the male plug to go in all the way.


This process was more aggravating then the first one. So, it was off to Fry’s electronics to buy a new crimping tool. No such luck. There was no crimping tools at all, however they did have a large selection of pencil tip soldering irons.

DSC_9557sWith a new pencil tip soldering iron in hand I set up a little work area on the dining room table. Not really to my wife liking, however it was hot in the shops so she did not fight it much.



DSC_9519sAfter a couple of hours trying to get in a mode and working out all the bugs in the procedure I finished 1/2 of one plug. With 12 plugs to do I couple be dead for really old age before I finish this one step.

DSC_9520sA new system needed to be implemented.

DSC_9542sI first cut wires to length and strip the ends

DSC_9546sThen I soldered the ends

DSC_9547sThen I installed and soldered them in the plugs.

DSC_9555csThis whole process was a little nerve racking and when I finally got a procedure that I liked the tip went out on the soldering iron. Now new tips have been ordered and I hope to be back on schedule this next weekend. Only 12 more sets to install.

I also made up the first of four wire hook up circuits to go from the control panel to the angle junction block.

DSC_9554sThis coming weekend looks to be a fun one. By the way no video on this phase of the project, the foul language would have given me an X rating

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  • Pete

    Too bad you could not find the correct crimping tool.Those little terminal ends crimp real nice with the right tool. Soldering is good but often the heat causes the insulation to pull back making crimping the place on the terminal that is supposed to grip the insulation impossible.

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