3D Printer update

When we received the new 3D printer and some of the plastic support pieces were broken. I did a post about making the new parts. Then when we tried to operate it we noticed that the over travel switch did not work on the Y axis. There are still spare parts so a new wiring harness was ordered and received this last week. The old harness was removed.

DSC_9643sand a new one installed.

The problem with the Y axis over travel switch was the set screw had damaged the wire. It had been improperly installed at the factory.


Spare switches were also ordered in case repairs are needed in the future.

DSC_9662sI completed the first test print and actual part print on Sunday. There were a few set backs but nothing serious.

The first issue was that the filament is old and gave me a few problems feeding.

DSC_9648wsOnce this problem was corrected the next issue was the nozzle placement over the printer tip wipe. It was not going back far enough. A quick search on the internet as well as looking at the cube x courses, along with Orin’s help,  and a solution was found and implemented.

This is my first test print which went totally wrong.

The final product did not come out.


The next post on the 3D printer will cover the corrections and the final test print that was completed.

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