New router table

A while back a customer had a brand new router table set up that he did not like so he gave it to me. Keep in mind that this set up also came with a brand new porter cable router as well. Nice set up but it just did not meet my needs and as such was useless in my shop. I tried to use is a couple of times but no go.



There was no way to hold the material and I just did not feel comfortable using it.Well this last Sunday, while I am waiting for the rest of the components to come in for the cnc router, I started a project converting it to a machine that I can use. I have been looking at router tables for a while and I wanted something that would allow me to raise and lower the router easily and accurately.



Something like these commercial units. I would have bought one except for two reasons. The first is the cost involved and the second is that I have the beginning components to start with and a shop to build what I need.

The first order of business was to disassemble the entire set up.DSC_8256s

The second item on the project list was to design and make a solid model of all the components that I need to make.

I needed to convert to height adjustment device to operate from the opposite end. Then I needed a way to move the router once I converted it.


My answer was to turn down an old cap screw to fit over the shaft then drill and pin it. Now the router mover up and down with an allen wrench..After that a new plate needed to be designed.

router table 1

I need to finish the solid model, next weeks project. Currently I am planning on using the old table that came with it. That is still up in the air and may only be used as a temporary stop gap measure. I am thinking about building an actual router table set up on wheels.

Something like this:

2d4b5879f0e01e4bb85554351abcd9f5Still thinking about it and still waiting for my cnc router parts to finish that project.

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