Weekend update for 1-24-16

This is the run down of the fun and excitement that went on this last weekend.

We are testing out a new ejector design for the VG1-5. The original design that we used started to experience problems after several hundred rounds. The newer one will be a little more robust and a slightly better design. It needs to work with a variety of magazine manufactures as well as our own magazine. So testing was conducted on the bench first and when we think we have all the bugs worked out it will be off to the test fixture.

IMG_0673sI have not been able to solve the wire edm problem on my own. So now it is time to send it to the factory to be tested and repaired as necessary. I removed the monitor and it’s circuit board, packaged them up and sent them off to Mcwilliams to check it out.



I would really like to find away to change it out to a flat screen, but no luck yet with that idea.

The new circuity for the cnc router has come in and I have started working on the new layout for the control circuit.

IMG_0676sThis set up comes from Smooth Stepper ( With the help of my friend Orin I hope to have the basic wiring completed this next weekend.

I also got back onto the kitchen project and finished the molding for the cabinets.

IMG_0669sThen I started on the tiling.



I am also making a parts box for the Hotchkiss portative. I wanted something on the line of a British design Vickers or Lewis box. I have finished about 1/2 of it is solid works and actually cut and planed the first two wood pieces. As the wood is coming from old pallets it took a little time.

Enough for one weekend and it’s back to work for the week.

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