More time on the cnc router

This last weekend I spent more time with the cnc router and there are a few things that need to be corrected. Here is a video of it in operation to start with.

The first problem is the vibration due to the poor design of the base that the router sets on. This is being corrected with a custom made base. I am using 80/20 aluminum to make a new base and upper housing to support the router and inclose it. The inclosure will assist in dust/saw dust collection.

Material on hand for the new base.




The second problem is the design of the Z axis. It does not go low enough to allow machining at table level. We are correcting this my making a completely new Z set up.

DSC_5801sThe old router holder. It had a number of problems, from not enough Z to poor alignment.

DSC_5804sIn the process of making a new one.

DSC_5807sStay tune for more on the CNC router.

2 comments to More time on the cnc router

  • Tan

    When you do get it sorted there are reverse helix end mills for use with router tables (CW rotation still). The depth of cut isn’t so good because of chip ejection, but they compress the wood grain as they cut to prevent chip out. Wasn’t sure if you’ve seen these or maybe you already have a couple.

  • Chuck

    Thanks Tan I have not seen or heard of them. I will look into it. We now have the router completely taken apart and re-doing everything.

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