The weekend update for 6-21-15

Most of last weekend we have chatted about. The time spent messing about with the CNC router and the wire edm has been covered. This was the rest of the weekend.

I was able to get the vibrating tumbler up and running. Load after load was run through. With the stones still sharp and new I was able to process hundreds of parts and get them completely de-burred.


The next project that was started a few weeks ago is the new trench for the comm lines to the shop. This one took a slight set back. I really lost my spunk for hand digging any more trench and now that it was determined that the conduit under the house was toast I needed to go a different route. A friend on mine owns a trencher and offered to use it to cut a new trench. Great idea but still problems to deal with. To begin with my other business is a utility locating business. So all the utilities were marked out in advance. Power,water and the new line we had just put in. The trencher was brought down after I went to work and off he went at it. My wife call just after he took out 10 feet of the new line and was heading for the main power feed to the shop. I got her to stop him before things went really bad. So this is now the new trench and if I had to dig up so much of what we already put in I decided to add an additional 1″ conduit as well.

DSC_5795sStill working on burying it and will finish as soon as the next load of sand gets here.

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