Upgrading the cnc router

While messing around with the cnc router a number of problems were noted. Part of this last week and into next week we are correcting these problems and upgrading the router.

First on the list is a new table for the router. The original one has so much movement that we actually have chatter marks on the wood that we cut. This is the old table. A genuine work of art. The legs were made of box aluminum with the cross pieces from old aluminum sliding door frames.DSC_4596s




This is the new design for the table using 80/20 extrusions.

router table2

router table1The legs are being sized to the proper length.

DSC_5814sNew table supports for the router to the table are made.


In addition to the frame it was noted that when we measured the cut that we made to what was drawn and programed we had some differences. It was obvious that the stepper motors were not programed correctly. The third item was the rats nest for the wiring and the improper positioning for the controllers.

This is how the computer and controller set now. With the shortage of room in the wood shop they are being moved to the bottom of the new frame in an dust free inclosure.

DSC_3154sAll the wiring is being corrected and the controller is being installed under the new frame and being mounted correctly.



More to come onĀ  the cnc router.


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