Week end update 6-29

It was an interesting weekend as are all weekends around here. I finished filling in the trench for the new communications lines to the shop. With the cat5 water proof wire coming in I should have this project finished next weekend.

The filled trench that I still need to compact. DSC_5825sThe water proof wiring.



With the pressure washer now operating I was able to clean out the inside of the coolant tank. A leak was found by the drain valve so it was loaded on to the truck and will be taken to the weld shop to be repaired.

The leaking drain valveDSC_5819sIn the truck ready to go to the weld shop




The wiring has been run for my wife’s office A/C unit.


I made parts for the AR-180B project, trying to get everything off the machines. I have a video to post on that later in the week.

All the AR-180B bolt hold opens are machined. I will bend them this week and then off to heat treat.DSC_5832s

And last but not least. Tub after tub of parts were de-burred. I still have more VG1-5 parts to finish de-burring.

FG42 first model rear sight bases

DSC_5830sVG1-5 rear sights

DSC_5829sVG1-5 trigger guards

DSC_5828sVG1-5 parts and AR-180B parts


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