Working on the cnc router

You have seen the previous write posts about the cnc router. The table was not steady and had way to much movement. That was the first problem corrected. Now we are on the way to correct the wiring and control circuits. The wiring as we received in the machineĀ  looked like two rats mating and dropping by products everywhere.



DSC_6535sSo first Plexiglas was cut and routed out for fans and filters.


DSC_6476sThis was completed the old fashion way, by hand tools.

DSC_6477sThen they were mounted on the frame.


DSC_6564sThe new mounting plate was laid out and hole were drilled and tapped.

DSC_6560sThis too was accomplished the old fashion way,a ruler ,straight edge and square.

DSC_6562sThe rest of the components should be here this next week and I can finish up the new wiring.


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