Up Date to the CNC router

I finally finished the new base for the cnc router. There is no movement on this platform at all. Next will be the new controller circuits and cabinet.

Another view. The extension pieces are for the top cabinet and dust collector system.

This shows the plastic inclosure for the computer and controller.



Pressing the AR-180B bolt hold open

Previously I showed a few pictures of the process in pressing the AR-180B bolt hold open device.

We started with a laser cut then machined blank.

This is the video showing the steps.

And after the pressing operation we have a completed part ready for heat treat.



Upgrading the cnc router

While messing around with the cnc router a number of problems were noted. Part of this last week and into next week we are correcting these problems and upgrading the router.

First on the list is a new table for the router. The original one has so much movement that we actually have chatter marks […]

Weekend update 5-31-15

Now as much to chat about this weekend. Spent most of Saturday machining the AR-180B selector second op. The second op is now complete and we will be setting up the Sharps for the third op. The material and tooling is in to start on the safety shaft on the lathe then the pivot button […]

Japax wire edm

I am going to start a series of posts on the Japax wire edm. I am doing this for a variety of reasons. The first is that it is an easy way for me to show Brett, by the way who is a great guy, at McWilliams sales and service ,, what is going […]

Modifying the spot welder


This is my first water cooled spot welder in the shop. We have used it with good success in the projects that we do here at Gun Lab. However, we needed to make a few modifications to it to allow use to use it more efficiently.


We removed the old lower bar and […]

The new spot welder in the shop

I went to an auction a few weeks back and bought a series 30 spot welded that the company had taken off the line.

I have not had much time to play with it so this weekend it was on the project list. I wired the shop for the spot welder a few […]

Life around Gun Lab

Here are more up dates on the going on around here at Gun Lab. All the material was finally received for the new MP-44 and has been machined to size to start the whole process.

We are waiting for the tooling to start the next phase.

The spot welder arms need a […]

Playing with the cnc router

Most of Saturday morning was spent with trying to get a feel of how to use the cnc router. The operating system is Mach 3 which is totally different then any other system in the shop. A number of items were learned during this operating time. The first thing was the e-stop is wired in […]

Weekend update 5-11-15

Most of this weekend was spent taking pictures for up coming write ups and going through some 1480 scans, I just got back from the scanning company, to organize them. But, some other projects were accomplished as well. The first was a new pad for the a/c unit for the cnc room. The compressor is […]