The new spot welder in the shop

I went to an auction a few weeks back and bought a series 30 spot welded that the company had taken off the line.



I have not had much time to play with it so this weekend it was on the project list. I wired the shop for the spot welder a few weeks back and now it was time to test it out. I put a new plug on the welder and ran an air line to it and hoped for the best. Nothing happened. Air pressure was good, there was power on the plug but nothing happened. It was time to start trouble shooting the controls and hoped that nothing major was wrong. The welder not working was the reason that it probably went to auction. The good news was that I did not pay much for it, in fact the copper in it was worth more then I paid for it.

After about 30 minutes I traced the problem down to a broken wire in the control box.

DSC_5507sYou can see the red wire that we found under the mess of wires to the left of the picture. This is part of the control circuit that operates the air operated solenoid. Once it was hooked up this welder works like a champ.

The controls allow a much finer control and the welds are great.

DSC_5544sHere is a short video on the spot welder.

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