Why I never use someones reloades

I know that I am going to get a little flack about this post and someone will write how there’s orĀ  someone who does reloading make great stuff even better then the major manufactures. First is a short video from SAAMI about testing commercial ammunition.

Now on to the rest of the story. A friend of a friend went to the local gun show and bought some reloads off one of the tables. A couple of weeks later he goes to the range to have a little weekend fun. This story is about that day.

The day was beautiful, a great day for some shooting practice. A brand new SIG 1911 pistol to take out and sight in what could be better.

DSC_5482sWhat a piece of equipment, so why would anyone then go to a gun show and buy cheap reloads from someone he does not even know. This is the result of trying to save a few pennies after spending a small fortune on a real nice pistol.



DSC_5488sYou can see the fired cartridge still in the chamber and the extractor missing. The only thing that saved his eye was that he was wearing safety glasses.


This is what the case that exploded in the magazine looked like when I received the pistol.

DSC_5496sThe bullet and primer were in the magazine.

DSC_5493sThe rest of the ammunition was damaged from the explosion

DSC_5504csBe careful with cheap reloads, in fact don’t buy them.

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