Modifying the spot welder


This is my first water cooled spot welder in the shop. We have used it with good success in the projects that we do here at Gun Lab. However, we needed to make a few modifications to it to allow use to use it more efficiently.


water cooled spot welder 2 smallWe removed the old lower bar and started making a new bar that is job specific.


The first thing was to mill the new bar to fit the inside of the VG1-5 receiver.


DSC_5383sNext water cooling hole had to be drilled in the end of the bar.


DSC_5389sEnd view of the bar. The stop is being used as a locating point when I drill the next series of holes.


DSC_5401sThe water inlet hole drilled and taped.


The bottom of the bar water out let hole drilled and the cross flow path hole drilled.

DSC_5419sWith these modifications the bar will be kept cool during the extended spot welding operations that need to be done to finish the VG1-5 receiver.

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