Weekend update part 2 the metal casting area.

Nothing says fun around Gun Lab like a 3 day weekend. And fun we did have. This post is about the new slab for the metal casting area here at Gun Lab. Last weekend we started digging the footers for the new casting area.

DSC_5369sI needed a place for my casting furnaces to go.

DSC_5372sSo Saturday we finished the digging and got the post holes in. We bent re-bar to make the column supports for the gantry I want to put in.


DSC_5421sHome made re-bar sopports


DSC_5426sThis project started with 57 80# bags of concrete. Some here and the rest in the back of the truck.


DSC_5474sOnce again my little mixer comes into play

DSC_5475sHoles are dug and re-bar going in.





DSC_5514sMaterial for the stem wall forms.

DSC_5480sConcrete poured and forms going up.

DSC_5535s25 more bags for the stem wall. But this will be next Saturday

DSC_5538sFun, fun, fun. that is life at gun lab.



2 comments to Weekend update part 2 the metal casting area.

  • Joshua

    This is going to be quite the shop, if you ever finish building it.
    you must be close to full service are you not? as I recall there’s a metal shop, woodshop, isn’t there a forge? and now casting equipment. you’ve got to be close to a full-fledged factory by now

    • Chuck

      There are actually two forges and two casting furnaces. I hop to have the casting area slab poured at the same time I do the addition to the fab shop.
      There is also a jewelry shop as well. I cut gem stones and cast silver and gold. That’s the part my wife likes, again just not enough time.

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