Japax wire edm

I am going to start a series of posts on the Japax wire edm. I am doing this for a variety of reasons. The first is that it is an easy way for me to show Brett, by the way who is a great guy, at McWilliams sales and service ,,  what is going on with my machine and the problems that I am having. The second reason is that there is nothing out on the internet either in video or written walking someone using the Japax wire edm. Initially this will be a little choppy and I apologize for that but it is hard to ask the question if you don’t know what to ask.

My initial goal is the first clean out the machine and get it ready to work, then to hand write a program to allow the table and upper head to move and position properly. Once I have these two steps completed I want to be able to feed the wire and make a small part on the hand written program. Then finally make a solid model, post the model to a cam program and down load it to the machine and make a part.

On Monday I will be calling Todd, there service engineer, over at MCWilliams to discuss the cleaning process for the machine.

On the programing side I am trying to find out what are the specific G and M codes for this machine. How to, on a step by step basis, program the machine. I have read the manual but I am still not sure what screen to be in and how to input the code. Some of the questions I have are as simple as is there a machine home button.

This will be a interesting learning process and one that I hope will provide a new and operational machine for the shop.

Here is the first in the series of video’s on the Japax wire edm.

Here are a couple of pictures of the basic machine. This first one is the control panel.

DSC_5461sOne of the machine it self.

DSC_5470sA close up of the work area.


Sunday afternoon update.

Spent a few hours trying to get the EDM to work, still no luck. However, I was able to write a program by keying in 13,data edit. Once in this mode I could input individual lines of code by typing I/N001/and the code.

But when we typed 8on NC set and input the program by either typing 1 or 0 I would get  errorA01. Still stumped.

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  • Ben

    Do you plan on using any sort of cam software?

  • OrenG

    Looks like it has a data tape interface, does this machine accept any other inputs for programming aside from manual input?

  • Ben

    Might have a compatible post for mastercam, no promises though, we scraped an old Japax machine out two years ago and upgraded our software for the new one.

    • Chuck

      Ben if that were the case it would be great. Are you a Japax operator? The guys over at McWilliams are a great help but I could always uses a second opinion on this machine.

      • Ben

        No, I run a Mitsubishi, Japax is way before my time. How ever my co worker ran the Japax we use to have. He’s on vacation till next week, I’ll see if I can find a file. Otherwise try Mastercam themselves, they might have a guru over there too that can help. Did you have a list of G, M-codes and power settings for that particular machine?

  • Cliff henry

    Hi, I was the Technical sales director for Japax for all world markets outside of America working at Bridgeport Uk. I trained operators in most parts of the world from 1982 to its closure in 1993. In both programming and machine operating. If I can be of help please feel free to contact me. Cliff Henry

    • Chuck

      I dropped you a line and it came back not deliverable. I would like to ask a few questions. Thanks Cliff

    • To Cliff Henry:

      I have a unit like this one, and I have powered up. I cannot get the pumps on the water system to turn on. I have identified two 3 conductor cables from main unit, that do not have connectors on them. I suspect they are related to problem. do you know where I can get a wiring diagram if possible?


      • Good Evening Paul,

        Please advise what machine model and control you have and what your machine problem is. I have been involved in Japax machines since 1978 and our company still supports most Japax machines world wide with parts and support. We can provide applications, programming and service support for all Japax wire EDM machines and the ED-Bore and SB1M small hole EDM machines. Japax wire machines controls include Japt 3F, Japt 3FM, Japt 3J and Japt 4G and power supplies would include VH-02, VH-02X, FE-02, FE-03 and EE-03.

        Best Regards,

        Brett McWilliams

      • Chuck

        The guys at McWilliams are great guys

  • Scott Baker

    Cliff Henry; I’ve been using the Japax LXE50 for about 7 years now, works very well. Picked up a low time, manufacturer refurbished Lux3 in May. It is clean except for the power supply, not much time on everything else. Put power to it and have not been able to get it to fire up. Moved the table off the limits, checked every switch, board and battery I could find. Being familiar with the LXE 50, should have made this a cake walk. Got the wire diagram from McWilliams, been talking with Brett and David Edmunds, but have not been able to get power to the Time delay relay, though there is power (106 v) at the wire bar that leads to the relay. If you manually engage the contactor that is usually triggered by the TDR it fires up, but after a few minutes it will burn out the 20 amp square fuse because you are holding the coil open on the contactor. Any suggestions would be helpful, from anyone. Anyone having trouble running one of these let me know. I cut 6″ thick 4340 and large dies of M2 and carbide all day long.

  • Mac

    I need technical documentation for Japax Ls350 or lu3b or something similar. If had someone please contact me at

    • Mac,

      Please advise what technical information you are looking for. Do you have both a LS350A and a LU3B?

      Does your LS350A have a Japt 3F control?

      Please advise.

      • Kev

        I also am looking for technical documentation for a Japax LU3B with a JAPT 3F control

        • Brett

          Please send me an email to or call me @ 704-598-6616 with regards to what technical information you are looking for pertaining to your Japax Model LU3B with Japt 3F CNC control. Once I know what you are looking for I can probably email you the information via attachments I already have scanned in or I can explain what you are looking for over the phone.

  • lauro almaguer


  • George Thomas

    I have japax VSO – 2D.Recently while running the machine totaly broke down. I found pc37 power requlator burnt and the capacitor burst on pc 26.
    Pcb 26 capacitor keep burst. Wile power requlator look ok.
    I am seeking help to advise l can boot the power

  • Luis Romero

    hi,how are you. i need ahelp. i have a w edm japax ldm50 but when I start it in the principal screen the dials not aperrt it is in white, and the machine dont work,

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