Op 2 on the AR-180B selector lever

Saturday I spent most of the day finishing up the second op on the selector lever. Here is a run down of that operation.

Starting with the finished op one part.


A special set of aluminum jaws were machined to hold the selector levers.

DSC_5596sWith the jaws finished and the parts installed this is how it looked prior to machining.

DSC_5601sTwo sets of vises were used allowing 4 to be done at a time.

DSC_5643s This is the video of the parts being machined.

A close up the finished machined part still in the vise.

DSC_5645sStart to finish of this operation.



The completed lot.

DSC_5648sOne more op to go then tumbling and parkerizing.


2 comments to Op 2 on the AR-180B selector lever

  • JB黒狐

    Owing to the methods employed to manufacture the AR180B I am guessing the investment cast fire selectors were not case-hardened.

    Are your fire selectors intended to replace worn out investment cast fire selectors or parts for new AR180s?

    Either way, a case hardened shaft should make for a long lasting component.

    What is your intended method of case hardening & what HRC numbers are you trying to achieve?

    • Chuck

      Hello JB. They are design for both as a replacement but manly as a kit for the Nodak new aluminum AR-180B machined receivers.
      They will have a case hardness of .005 to .010 deep with a 55 minimum HRC. I am having them commercially heat treated as this scope of work is a little out of my expertise.

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