Weekend update 5-11-15

Most of this weekend was spent taking pictures for up coming write ups and going through some 1480 scans, I just got back from the scanning company, to organize them. But, some other projects were accomplished as well. The first was a new pad for the a/c unit for the cnc room. The compressor is currently located in the band saw room. However, there is to much heat build up in this room. The air compressor, air dryer, and a/c compressor exceeded the max heat load. So a new footer and stem wall was built. Here are a couple of quick pictures.

DSC_5124sThis was done the old fashion way.





Next I made a couple of hole down nuts for the cnc router mdf board.


Sunday was spent on more picture taking and working on the wire edm. The first item on that list was getting the coolant tank up on a new set of wheels.

I just have to get the tank and pumps on this rolling tool stand.

DSC_5129sYou can see the tilt due to a broken wheel bracket.

DSC_5130sThis was accomplished with a cherry picker

DSC_5260sAfter a little work it finally came to pass.

DSC_5252sNext came the task of hooking it all back up.

DSC_5251sThere were wires and plugs to connect everything. After this it was time to hook up power and see if the controller still worked. Then it hit. The transformer tripped its breaker. So after a little trouble shooting it was determined that the transformer is bad.

DSC_5253sSo if anyone knows where I can get a 230 to 200 3 phase isolation transformer rated a 7KVA please let me know.

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