Making the VG1-5 Trigger Guard

Today we are going to stamp and machine the trigger guard. We start with a sheared piece of 2 mil sheet steel. Initially we tried 1 mil but found that it was to easily deformed. Next was 1.5 mil and still did not look correct. So 2 mil gave us the correct look without too much weight gain and was still workable. First, a short video of the process, and then we will look at each step with some photos…

Here are the pieces of starting material, cut to proper size:


After shearing the piece is de-burred, lubed and stamped in the forming die.


This is a look at the inside of the die.

trigger guard 1 (11)s

trigger guard 1 (10)s

trigger guard 1 (14)sThis is the look of the trigger guard after stamping.

trigger guard 1 (13)sThe interesting design feature of this dies is that I can us different lengths of stock to make different lengths of trigger guards. This allows the same stamping die to be used for different rifle projects.

trigger guard 1 (15)s

After stamping the trigger dies are set up in the fixture for machining and drilling.

trigger guard 1 (1)s

trigger guard 1 (2)s

Now the final look of the part.


Now all the trigger guards are completed.


In addition to being the trigger guard it is also the support for the bottom of the stock.




Hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for more on the VG1-5 build.

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