Compoment gun boards

I have a big thing about build boards. This is a board showing all the steps in building a weapon. It can be a simple and basic board or it can be a complex board. To me it is like cut away weapons,another sickness of mine and another post. So for today’s post I want […]

M-1 Garand receiver

In keeping with the M-1 Garand posts here and at The firearms Blog, I though I would provide a couple of pictures of what the receiver looked like after it was forged and with the flashing cut off.

First the side views.

Now the top view.

Finally the bottom view. The amount of […]

Making the VG1-5 up date Hand Guards

This last week has been a huge push to finish the VG1-5 in time for the SAR show. A great deal of work needed to be completed and not near enough time to complete it all.

The big push was to complete and correct the fire control mechanism. It is now fixed and operating properly. […]

VG1-5 update

We here at Gun Lab are working hard to try and complete the first of the VG1-5 rifles in time for the SAR show. To tell you the truth it has been a challenge. The last week has been spent putting together the rifles and testing for fit and operation. We would find one small […]

MP-44 repair sections

Today’s post is from a friend of the site that wanted a semi-auto MP-44 and did not want to deal with the capital out lay necessary to buy one of the few that came in. His answer to the problem was to make a repair section and then put in the necessary parts and changes […]

Making the VG1-5 cocking handle

In the following pictures of original VG1-5 one of the items that you will notice is that all the cocking handles look different and that they have been through some rough times.



So this is the cocking handle that we developed. The first thing that you will […]

AR-180 part 3

In this write up we are going to look at the smaller parts and how they were made. The majority of the AR18/180 was a stamped weapon with minimal machined components. These are the stamped parts we are going to look at today.


The first part that we are going to look at is […]

Making the Gardner gun Part 1

I enjoy making things, specifically guns and any thing associated with making guns. I also enjoy chatting with people who make guns or any thing dealing with that. I also love mechanical machine guns. That leads us to today’s topic.

A friend of mine really wanted a miniature Gardner gun and with none available took […]

Weekend update 11-17

As always there is to much to do and not enough time to complete all of it. First is the update to the addition to the wood shop. The door is hung and the roof is up. The roof and sides are epoxy and fabric covered, for the most part. One more day and I […]

A british video of gun proofing

Interesting how they did this.