Tuesday shop pictures

What a shop to work in. And to think that the people that work in my shop complain about the working conditions.

I just don’t want to hear about the benches not being the right height or that we need a new cnc machine.


Video Friday October 10

This is another great video showing gun manufacturing from the early 1900′s.

video Friday October 3

I just found this video from DSA on making there FAL.

Enjoy the video.

More Japanese 99 magazine update. 9-30

We have finished the second op die for the Japanese 99 magazine right side. The die is complete and the springs and pins added. This is a photo run down of the final die. This is the complete die assembly

Another angle

The bottom portion of the die

Top and bottom side by side

Assembled [...]

What is it Saturday September 27

Video Friday 9-26

I don’t know how many of you have seen these videos but it is amazing what they can build with a basic shop.



Thursday Library AR-16

This post is about one the AR-16. To say that it is rare is an understatement. The only two known rifles are in the Reed Knight collections. Mr. Knight was nice enough to allow me to take some pictures of this interesting rifle.

A couple of close ups of the two different receivers.


What is it Saturday September 20

More interesting web stuff

There is a good article at the firearms blog concerning the tappet system of operation. This is the operating system used on the M-1 Carbine and on the Beretta 30 carbine rifle. Check it out.


While I am on the topic of interesting stuff on the internet. If you have not been to Impro [...]

Video Friday 9-19

I have not finished the editing of the Japanese 99 magazine stamping die video. So today I am going to post a video of the illegal gun making in the Philippines. This video really reminds me of the first weapon that I made 40 years ago. No machine tools to speak of and no quality [...]