Random Info Wednesday

To proceed with the building of the VG1-5 we needed to design and build a barrel chamber fluting machine. With the number of barrels that we need to make to complete the project I needed something that is accurate constantly, has repeatable, is semi automatic in operation and can be used for other rifle projects. [...]

Shop Tuesday

We posted about the female die for the FG-42 first model bi-pod stamping die a while back. Today’s post is about the male stamping die. This first set of pictures is the solid model for the male die.



Once again a few pictures to give you an idea of what the [...]

Changes to Gun Lab

I have decided to make a few changes to the way gun lab works. I personally can watch machining videos and look at solid models and guns all day. I guess that is because it is what I enjoy. I mean I take my vacations to go to factories to watch things being made Plastic [...]

FG-42 first model rear sight button

This post is about making the rear sight button for the FG-42 first model. To give you an idea of the complexity of this part I am adding a picture from “Death From Above” . This is a component break down of the parts for the first model FG-42 rear sight.

There is also [...]

Video on finishing machining the FG-42 rear sight base

In the last video concerning the FG-42 rear sight base we showed you the lathe work required to complete the first op. This video will show you the rest of the work required to complete the rear sight base on the machining center.

Again just a reminder of the part we are making is solid [...]

More updates on the Sudanese AR-10

We have finally finished the solid model of the Sudanese lower receiver. The total time that has been spent making the solid model is 60 hours. Considering that there were no engineering drawings that were readable and the receiver we had to work with is cut up, I do not feel that is was excessive. [...]

Machining the FG-42 bi-pod leg female stamping die

This post is about machining the stamping die for the bi-pod leg on a first model FG-42. This will be the third stamping die out of a set of 5 dies. It is also one of the more complex of the dies in the set. I will start with the solid model that was drawn [...]

FG-42 rear sight base machining video

I posted the still pictures a little while back on making this part. Here is the lathe video on machining the first op.

Just as a quick refresher on the part being made, this is the solid model of the part.



After the first op, which is the lathe op, [...]

FG-42 first model rear sight

We have been working on the rear sight for the FG-42 first model. The first picture that is a solid model of the entire sight assembly.

The next picture is a picture of the component parts.

The part we are currently working on is the base of the sight.

So now that you have [...]

AR-10 Sudanese contract

A while back a close friend of mine brought over a parts kit for a Sudanese AR-10. There are no receivers available for this rifle anywhere. However, he did have a cut up receiver. In-addition another friend had sent be some drawings that had been photocopied so many time that done of the dimensions could [...]