What is it Saturday September 20

More interesting web stuff

There is a good article at the firearms blog concerning the tappet system of operation. This is the operating system used on the M-1 Carbine and on the Beretta 30 carbine rifle. Check it out.


While I am on the topic of interesting stuff on the internet. If you have not been to Impro [...]

Video Friday 9-19

I have not finished the editing of the Japanese 99 magazine stamping die video. So today I am going to post a video of the illegal gun making in the Philippines. This video really reminds me of the first weapon that I made 40 years ago. No machine tools to speak of and no quality [...]


I am not going to do a library post today. Instead I am going to post about my day yesterday.

I had the opportunity to chat with a great design team that has been working on some new magazine and weapon designs that unfortunately at this point I can not go into. However, what I [...]

Interesting video

This is a video that I just saw posted at weapons man. If you are not going to his site yet you should be. This is a video put out my the British government concerning making the Sten gun. It is well worth watching.

Shop Tuesday 9-16 solid model the MP-44 trunnion

A friend of mine dropped me an e-mail wanting to know if I had drawings for the trunnion of a MP-44 and being a fanatic on engineered drawings I said yes. These are the same drawings that are all over the internet and they are wrong. So I decided to set down and make a [...]

Friday video 9-12-14

For this Friday video we are using the new knurling tool that we modeled and built in the shop. This tool is a much better design and safer to use than the Shars tool I purchased. Here are a few pictures of it to give you an idea of the design.

This is how [...]

Thursday’s post Update on Japanese 99 magazines

This was going to be a library post but I felt that this was a little more up to date for the on going projects. We have finished the next phase of design of the Japanese 99 dies. If you might have forgotten we had a few problems with are original die design with it [...]

Shop Tuesday September 9

More design work has been accomplish on the fluting press. Here are the latest updates on the project. This is the last major difficulty on the VG1-5 rifle. Most of the rest of the parts for the VG1-5 have been completed and have the fixtures for the bolt to upper receiver. I still have the [...]

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