Pressing the rear cap for the VG1-5 rear housing

This post deals with pressing the cap for the upper housing. We start with a laser cut blank that has been de-bured.

And using the pressing tool.

We end up making the cup that going into the rear upper housing to be welded in.

This is the video of that process.


Update on the VG1-5, upper receiver

We have been working on the VG1-5 at a steady pace to try and finish this project. This last week has been spent on the upper receiver. The lathe work has been completed on the upper and now we have started on the operations that have to take place in the machining center. This video […]

Interesting AR-18 tool

It is not often that most people think how something was done in the “Old Days” but I do. Lots of times you can not reproduce a part using modern machinery with a great deal of work. The “Old Days” I am talking about is not the 1600,1700, 1800, but the middle 1900’s. I just […]

VG1-5 update on the bolts

We bought this tool from Shars to allow use to hole the jaws in proper position the cut the proper diameter in the jaws for the bolt.


Once set up the bolts were turned and we were off performing op 1 on the bolts.

The first op turned the minor diameter of the […]

Installing the magazine well on the VG1-5

The last two video’s showed spot welding and the first op machining for the VG1-5 lower receiver. With this video we are installing the magazine housing into the receiver. Once again there is a certain amount of hand fitting.

A close up of the fixture.

The batch ready for the next step.


More on the VG1-5

You have now seen the first series of spot welds necessary to put the strengthening plats in and putting then together. With this accomplished it is time to do the first machining op on the receiver. This operation cuts out the trigger opening and also the holes necessary to weld in the front barrel support. […]

VG1-5 update

This last 2 weeks has been spent working on the lower receiver of the VG1-5. This weapon was originally design by the Germans to use the most basic of materials and machined tools. There was a very large amount of hand fitting during the process of making this rifle. All the sheet metal that was […]

Life at Gun Lab, studying the MP-44 receiver

Here at gun Lab what we do is study weapons and at any time you could come across anything. A set of EM-2 locking flaps,

a Destroyer carbine,

a Vickers cut away lock,

Hand drawn prints for a weapon

or a French MAS 36 22 trainer cartridge adapter.

Anything and […]

Older gun making video part2

Today’s post is another of the video’s out there dealing with making the weapons of war in the U.S. This video deals with making the BAR and it.s magazine.

What is interesting is the pressing dies and method used to make the BAR magazine. I find the fixture design to answer question that I […]

AR-180B safety spring bending

A while back we showed you the springs that we obtained for the AR-180B safety and bolt hold open. We bought these with out the tabs pre-bent and trimmed.

The next step was to design the tooling necessary to bend the springs for an AR-180B rifle. A couple of pictures of the tooling necessary to […]