Making the Gerat 05

In the last post I showed you some of the parts that had been made for the 06, this time we will chat about the o5 and do a little more detail about the making of it.

The life of the 05 starts out like any other pressing as a water jet cut flat. The [...]

The Gerat 06

Now that I have spilled the beans concerning the Gerat 06 here is the progress so far on the rifle. All the receiver half’s have been pressed.

Here are a couple of close up pictures of the receiver.




The sight bases have also been pressed.

The end [...]

Up date on the project.

Here at Gun Lab. net we have been working on a number of projects. Quite a few videos have been made and as soon as I can get Ian down to help me correct the problems with Pinnacle studio they will be posted. Some of the projects are new stamping dies for various parts that [...]

Time at the big press

Today is pressing day. We received the flats back from the water jet people and they look great.

A second picture of the pile.

So out to work to get this project back on schedule.

The first package is complete and on to the rest.

The second package is now complete. It takes 5 hits [...]

Update for the week ending 2-1-14

So we will start with the update on the VG1-5 project. I stamped the rear top covers.Out of the 10 that were stamped.

We found a few problems. I had to re-stamp the parts due to not getting the ribs deep enough.

This is a close up of the stamping.


Once I re [...]

The Type 99 female die.

Now that the male die is complete, with only de-burring left to do, it is time to start on the female dies.

As with the male die it starts out as a large block of steel.

With this die we made it in three parts. This allowed us to machine areas that would be very [...]

Moving die plates

Will Cushman asked how we moved the die plates around the shop. If my shop was in a single building or even on a the same level it would be a great deal easier.

To move the dies from under the bench to the top of the bench to work on them I use a [...]

The end of the weekend

Sunday night and the shop is shutdown, the machines are cleaned and the computers are off. Not a bad weekend. My next door neighbor with the help of my son finished his program and got his parts made on the webb.He completed 6 of these. David finally got the bugs worked out of his program [...]

finishing the top part of the die plate

In our last post I showed you the bottom plate of the pressing plates. This is the completed top plate of that matching set. This first picture is with the top plate completed spot drilled.

After spot drilling the pin holes where drilled and reamed.

Then the cap screws were drilled.

And finally [...]

Working on stamping dies, still

I don’t want anyone to think that here at gun lab we have just been hanging around and drinking beer and accomplishing nothing. That is far from the truth.

A while back a die shop went out of business and I was able to buy a few items. One being a brand new steel die [...]