Lower receiver support pressing for VG1-5

In this video we are pressing the lower receiver strengthening piece. This piece effectively increases the support metal around the front barrel support from 1/16 of an inch on both sides to 1/8 of an inch.


Here are a couple of close up pictures of the drilling fixture.

All the front supports […]

VG1-5 upper receiver slide

We have finished welding all the cocking handles on the upper receiver/slide. The next step is to finish the bolts and fit them to the upper receiver. Then the bolts go off the heat treat.

This is how the project looks now when we finished welding all the guides on.

Now all the cocking handles […]

Working on the VG1-5 bolt

The last post on the bolt was when we completed the lathe work on it. This left us with a turned bolt with the firing pin hole drilled and bored.

A fixture was designed to allow us to machine the bolt at the different angles and still keep everything aligned as it […]

VG1-5 update Machining the lower receiver

This post will go through the steps necessary to machine one of the lower receiver. I was going to do a video, but there was not much to see with the coolant on.

If you remember the last post on the lower receiver we had finished welding it up and it looked like this.


VG1-5 upper receiver update

This post is a run down of all the work that has been performed on the VG1-5 upper receiver to date.


Here are a few pictures of the receiver as it stands today.

With out the cocking handle.

And with the cocking handle installed.

All the uppers will have the […]

Welding the rear upper housing

This post deals with welding the rear upper housing together. We start with the finished pressing of the cap.


And mating it with the housing that we stamped earlier we end up with the final product.

This is the video of that process.

Here are a couple of close up pictures of […]

Pressing the rear cap for the VG1-5 rear housing

This post deals with pressing the cap for the upper housing. We start with a laser cut blank that has been de-bured.

And using the pressing tool.

We end up making the cup that going into the rear upper housing to be welded in.

This is the video of that process.


Update on the VG1-5, upper receiver

We have been working on the VG1-5 at a steady pace to try and finish this project. This last week has been spent on the upper receiver. The lathe work has been completed on the upper and now we have started on the operations that have to take place in the machining center. This video […]

Interesting AR-18 tool

It is not often that most people think how something was done in the “Old Days” but I do. Lots of times you can not reproduce a part using modern machinery with a great deal of work. The “Old Days” I am talking about is not the 1600,1700, 1800, but the middle 1900’s. I just […]

VG1-5 update on the bolts

We bought this tool from Shars to allow use to hole the jaws in proper position the cut the proper diameter in the jaws for the bolt.


Once set up the bolts were turned and we were off performing op 1 on the bolts.

The first op turned the minor diameter of the […]