Shooting the 410 Enfield shotgun

After working non stop for almost two weeks my friend Mac and myself decided to take a break and do a little shooting. I needed to test the 410 Enfield shotgun for accuracy, so off we went with that and 3 other weapons. We had a great time with the little Enfield. The accuracy is […]

A quick Gun Lab update

I have to say that I am sorry about the lack of posts. In my defense I must say that my full time business and what actually supports me and Gun Lab has been hectic and very busy. It has been so busy that this is my first lunch break in two weeks. Starting my […]

Weekend update 9-8-14

This update has to do with some ammo that I just received. I had ordered a couple of cases of .410 shotgun musket ammo for the Enfield 410 shotgun from Dan’s Sporting Goods. These are some great people to deal with. It was a very pleasant experience to say the least and they will have […]