Rick and the SA80 project

Rick at has started a new and interesting project. He has taken on converting a gas operated air soft gun to a shooting rifle. This is a complex project where he is using some AR-180 parts, some SAR 80 parts and making a number of the smaller parts. I wish him luck in his […]

Cut Away rifle SA-80

I do love looking and photographing cut away weapons. The amount of information that is gathered in a good cut away is amazing. I hope you enjoy this one.

When I was taking the pictures I was focusing on a particular part. That is […]

Interesting site

If you have not been to site you should drop in and check it out. He just finished a comparison on AR-180 bolts that is quite interesting and well worth the read.

I hope to be adding to his article as I will be sending him pictures of the SA-80, Leader and Bushmaster […]

Sunday answer September 21

This is the magazine well from a SA-80. Here are a few more pictures of the stamping.

The next two pictures show it in the actual rifle.

Hope you enjoyed this post. As always comments and opinions are welcome.


What is it Saturday September 20