Italian Vetterli-Vitali M1870-87

This rifle from the reference collection is a Italian Vetterli-Vitali M 1870-87. It was made in 1880 as stamped on the left side of the barrel. It is a magazine conversion of the M1870 single shot rifle. This conversion consisted of a metal shroud around the magazine housing, removing the dust cover and installing a […]

The Golden Age of Gun Information.

This is truly the Golden Age of Gun Information. First there are all the great sites on the internet dealing with gun collecting.

Like Forgotten weapons, located here:

also Historical Firearms,located here:

As well as C&Rsenal,located here:

Then there are specialty sites like this one dealing with the Carcano rifle.

And […]

The book “Fabricacion De Fusiles”

A while back I was able to obtain a few books that I did not have in the reference library. I have a thing about not only gun books but also machining and manufacturing books. So what could be better then a book about manufacturing guns. This book was written in 1899 and is about […]

Austrian WW1 37mm

I have a thing about 37mm, one pound, cannons. So over the years I have taken a number of pictures of different types of 37mm pieces. This post is a series of photos that I have taken on the Austrian WW1 37mm piece. The proper name for this weapon is the 3.7 cm infanteriegesch,TZ Skoda […]

Book review of the new AK book

I just received the three volume set of books dealing with the AK weapons system. Here at Gun Lab we are no stranger to the AK series of rifles.

But there is so much information that is packed into the three volumes it will take some time to go over it.

Where […]

Gun Show report

Today was set up day for the dealers so about 1/2 of the show is still not there. Yet their was still a lot of interesting stuff to see and buy. I happen to find a book that I have been looking for.

It is a very interesting book written in both English and German. […]

Single shot rifles, Book Review

I am a big fan of single shot rifles. I enjoy there design from the simplest boys rifle to the most expensive British falling block design. I also have a number of single shot rifles in the Gun Lab reference collection. I feel that the pinnacle of the gun making craft is single shot rifles […]

Interesting site

If you have not been to site you should drop in and check it out. He just finished a comparison on AR-180 bolts that is quite interesting and well worth the read.

I hope to be adding to his article as I will be sending him pictures of the SA-80, Leader and Bushmaster […]

Pedersen Device manual

The illusive Pedersen device.

Here are a few pictures of the rifle and device.


As promised here is the manual for the Pedersen device.

Pedersen Device manual


The most interesting part of the manual are the pictures showing the components. This is actually a complex part.


Changes to Gun Lab

I have decided to make a few changes to the way gun lab works. I personally can watch machining videos and look at solid models and guns all day. I guess that is because it is what I enjoy. I mean I take my vacations to go to factories to watch things being made Plastic […]